Sun, Yellow Orb

the Sun, a Yellow Orb.
A very round orb indeed.
How is a bright yellow orb universally understood as representing the sun ?

I have created this tapestry using the punch needle (or needle punching) technique.
With mostly cotton (yellow, orange) and a tiny bit of merino wool (ochre). On canvas. The backing is felt fabric.
With 2 little strings (hemp rope) that have been passed and tied through the canvas, and then glued with it. Will make attaching the tapestry easier.

This is meant to be used as a tapestry, as wall art / wall decoration.
Please do not use as a rug, as it will get very dirty, and it’s not built to be stepped on or washed in a machine. I would also recommend to avoid exposing it in the direct sunlight, as it will make the colours fade a bit.

Round, 25 x 25 cm.
Made in Liverpool, England, in 2021.
Unique piece.